Benefits Of Adding A Deck To Your Home

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Decks are a popular addition to homes, and while it may seem like a time consuming project, the initial investment is minimal in comparison to the long term benefits. Whether your motivation is to provide additional space outdoors for personal enjoyment, or you’re making some upgrades to sell your home, adding a deck will offer multiple advantages.

Why Build A Deck?

1.) Improves the Exterior Aesthetics

Adding a deck increases the visual appeal of a home, and adds an element of dimension to the yard. It can also compliment the look of your home, when styled, stained or painted to match the color scheme of the doors, window trim, or fascia.

2.) Increases Home Value

If your goal is to find a cost-effective option to improve the value of your home, adding a deck is ideal. In comparison to other upgrade options like a living room or bathroom addition, a deck is less expensive. According to experts, as much as 70% of the cost of building a deck will be recuperated once the house is sold. That’s an incredible ROI!

3.) Adds Square Footage

During the warmer months, a deck can serve as extra outdoor living space. Spend time enjoying nature by adding birdfeeders, container plants and some outdoor furniture for relaxing. A deck also provides a place to store seasonal tools, toys, and equipment for easy access. If the space underneath is accessible, it can also be used as supplementary storage to help declutter a garage or shop.

4.) Provides a Place to Host

A deck makes a perfect place for hosting gatherings, grilling out, or throwing a birthday party. It serves as an extension to both the home and yard, providing extra space for entertaining or relaxing conversation. Create a welcoming atmosphere with the addition of candles or fireplace; or consider adding lighting and a built-in kitchen to increase the variation of outdoor activities.

5.) Requires Minimal Maintenance

Unlike other areas of your home, a new deck will require very little maintenance. For instance, adding an extra room might be nice, but if it requires ongoing upkeep to maintain cleanliness and beauty, the enjoyment of it will be decreased. With so many options of deck materials and weatherproofing stains to choose from, maintaining its beauty will be very minimal. That leaves you and your family more time to relax.

"The initial investment is minimal in comparison to the long term benefits!"

Finally, if you’re undecided about adding a deck due to limited time or knowledge, leave it to the professionals. An expert will help you decide on everything from styles and railings, to deck materials and sizes, while tailoring the project to fit your financial requirements and personal preferences.

Deck construction benefits:

  • Improves the exterior aesthetics
  • Increases home value
  • Adds square footage
  • Place to host get togethers
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Long term benefits

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